Eccentric Circles - Transparent (10 Pair)

    Varenr: BC4112 - Forventet leveringstid 1 – 2 dager


    Paired cards are useful in positive & negative fusional range development.

    The Bernell eccentric circles are designed for both base-in and base-out therapy. These paired cards help improve the ability to coordinate the aiming and focusing of the eyes when the eyes tend to aim at a distance farther from you than the point at which you focus them. Improving this skill will enhance the ability to do close work comfortably.

    Key Features:

    • A more obvious central anti-suppression check, the word FOCUS is seen by both eyes.
    • We added a small "hash" mark at the top of the outer ring, that is seen by one eye and another small "hash" mark on the bottom of the circle seen by the other eyes. This aids in reducing fixation disparity and improves alignment accuracy. 

    • Clear (BC4112) contains: 10 Pairs
    • Card Size: 3.125" x 2"
    • Clear Material (BC4112): Clear Vinyl