Clip-On Filter 37mm/ Amethyst

    Varenr: 5050- Amethyst - Forventet leveringstid 1 – 2 dager


    Clip-on Filter
    • Material: CR39

    Colour: Amethyst
    • Ø 37 mm Art.-No. 50


    The filter “Clip-on-system” from Knobloch is comprised of a supporting part and a filter lens. The clip-on-holder is put on the lensholder from the front. Various filters can be clipped onto the supporting part. 

    Depending on the light conditions the appropriate attachment filter in yellow, orange, amethyst, brown, green or polarized can be attached. Additionally you have the possibility to use a high contrast filter and lenses attached in the dioptres + 0,25 + 0,50 + 0,75 without coating or with super anti-reflex and anti scratching. 

    The filters have the same size as the shooting glasses (Ø 23 mm or Ø 37 mm) and can when needed also be put directly into the lensholder.