Optimonsun Varmluftsblåse, Built-in, elektr. Blå

    Varenr: 286613 - Forventet leveringstid 1 uke

    - New design unit with especially even temperature distribution in the cup
    - More comfortable handling of the frame due to an optimised opening in the cup
    - Thermal overload control
    - Available as stand version and built-in version
    - With plastic cup diam. 85 mm, slit width 30 mm slit depth 34 mm
    - Including spot heating jet
    - 1,75 m helix cable (1,9 m normal cable with built-in unit)
    - Movement sensor for comfortable working
    - 3 different settings (non-stop use, 10 min., horn program up to 230 °C)
    - With constant electronic temperature control
    - Automatic switch off after 3 hours

    -----Technical data-----
    Temperature: min. 60 °C, max. 230°C
    Power: 300 W
    Voltage: 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Measure Stand unit (w x h x d): 190x265x190 mm
    Weight: 1.8 kg